The Babylab, children and nature

Episode 14 December 16, 2021 00:34:46
The Babylab, children and nature
The Louder Than Words Podcast
The Babylab, children and nature

Dec 16 2021 | 00:34:46


Show Notes

Baby and child development are the focus of the latest episode of the Louder Than Words Podcast. Professor Jules Pretty looks at the work of the Babylab at the University of Essex, how it helps us understand the development of children and reflects on the impact of nature on children throughout their development.

He speaks to Dr Maria Filippetti and Dr Silvia Rigato from the Department of Psychology and Dr Jo Barton from the School of Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences.

They discuss how babies learn, the importance of fun, the impact of parental attitudes, the value of nature and offer advice and insights to listeners stemming from their research.

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