Spilling the Best Beans

Episode 28 October 06, 2022 00:43:51
Spilling the Best Beans
The Louder Than Words Podcast
Spilling the Best Beans

Oct 06 2022 | 00:43:51


Show Notes

Join Sheena Cruickshank, Laura Cream and Paul Manners in conversation with Jules Pretty about how universities are showing they can improve the lives of people through public engagement. 

Sheena Cruickshank is from the University of Manchester, Laura Cream is from University College London and Paul Manners is from the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

The Louder Than Words podcast is about how ideas improve lives. Professor Jules Pretty created the Louder than Words podcast for conversations on how the world can be made a better place by inquiry, research and public engagement. These are ideas that can inspire individual, collective and policy action.

This is the first podcast from the Centre for Public and Policy Engagement at the University of Essex. There are three series a year: autumn, spring and summer.

Each episode of Louder Than Words takes a key contemporary issue and gives you a chance to hear from leading researchers, policy makers, thinkers and campaigners plus those directly affected by the issue.

The podcast is produced by Marcus Pierpoint and Luke Fitch of the University of Essex’s Media Centre. Producers of series 1-3 were Ali Martin and Martha Dixon.


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